"I search for those who are condemned"

From the dawn of time, there are things that are yet beyond man's imagination.

That realm that lies beyond the curtain of death, that horizon that we all have to go to at the end of our life.

Or is it the beginning......

Let me introduce myself, I am Ghosthunter, for now my name is unimportant. I search for those who are condemned to the eternal darkness, but who walk the earth in search of salvation.

With a band of Ghosthunters we seek out those who walk the earth from the realms of darkness, from the realm of death.

DISCLAIMER: Although we cannot prove the existence of spirits / ghosts, we investigate locations with a genuine belief that contact with paranormal spirits or entities is possible. However, due to the nature of the unknown and diverse ranges of general belief, we cannot guarantee that any visual apparition or other paranormal happening will occur or be experienced on any given investigation. We do not influence belief for individuals and conclusions of the Ghostlygoingson team members may not reflect the enduring beliefs of attendees. Participants are free to take away their own conclusions and beliefs after attending our investigations. ©Ghostlygoingson2008

May all those who enter here, find peace and the knowledge that ..

I am